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Disappear [Nov. 7th, 2009|10:51 am]
msrfanfic -- Mulder and Scully Shipper Fanfic


Title: Disappear
Author: hazel_eyes_86
Artist: digitaldesigner
Betas: digitaldesigner and namarie24
Rating: PG-13
Category: STRA
Keywords: MSR, AU
Timeline/Spoilers: Set during Season 7, General Series Spoilers
Summary: When Scully gets a little too close on a case drastic actions have to be taken.
Disclaimer: Anything related to The X-Files belongs to CC, 1013, FOX.
Author's Note: I started this story back in 2005 but never got farther than a page into it. When xf_bigbang was announced I was trying to think of a story I could do and this one raised its dusty little head up and cried, 'Oh, pick me! Pick me!' Who am I to argue with a fic that wants to be written?

Thank you so much to digitaldesigner, who dragged me to the finish line on this one, and namarie24, who was amazingly patient with my love of commas.

fic here @ ficobsessions
art here @ reflectionsofme